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We go to the grocery store constantly because we have to. This isn’t one of those expenses we can eliminate, but we can certainly bring it down. Here are some ways you can cut down your grocery bill:

Revisit your expensive eating habits
Think about the groceries you buy regularly. Could you buy this item for less (a cheaper brand maybe)? Are you buying too much of something and letting it go bad before using all of it? If you need to bring down these expenses, consider buying less and not waisting perishable items or buying cheaper brands of similar quality. Don’t buy overpriced items if you can avoid it.

Make a menu
Before going to the grocery, make a menu of the meals you’ll be eating for that week. If you can, try to choose a couple of meals for which you can use the same main ingredients. Planning your meals in advance will help you be more efficient at the time of buying groceries, will cut down the bill because you’ll only buy what you need, and will save you on transportation costs since you won’t have to go repeatedly.

Go meatless once a week
Meat and fish tend to be one of the most expensive items when you buy groceries. If you’re used to eating these everyday, try to go meatless for one day a week by choosing yummy vegetarian recipes and you’ll notice the savings!

Use coupons and discounts 
Many people use coupons for grocery shopping, but others never remember to use them and just throw them out. If you want to save on groceries, take advantage of coupons and keep them organized so you don’t lose them. However, never buy something you don’t need just because you have a coupon for it! You can also keep an eye on discounts made by grocery stores. These will help you save way more than you think.

Use cash instead of credit card 
If you’re very organized and have your finances in order, you have a budget for your grocery expenses. If you tend to overspend and not stick to your budget, take the exact amount you set in your budget in cash – and leave the credit card at home. You’ll literally have no other choice than to stick to your budget.

Check what you have left before going to the grocery store 
Not checking what you have left in your fridge or pantry can make you buy more food than you actually need. You may have some left of a certain ingredient that can last you through the week, but if you don’t know you have it, you may end up buying it unnecessarily.

Don’t go to the grocery store hungry 
This will only make you buy way more than you need to. It has been proven that when we go to the grocery store hungry, we’re more likely to overspend just because we feel like eating it at the moment. Being hungry while at the supermarket only results in impulsive buying, so make sure you eat before!

Use a small shopping cart 
It’s a mind game, but it works. If you use a larger shopping cart, you’ll probably feel the need to throw in more stuff. Instead, use a smaller one and stop shopping once the cart is full.